Kia Motors / #AddPizzazz

Before and after the Super Bowl, the spirit of “Walken Closet” was brought to life across multiple channels using technology solution from Influential. By tapping into IBM Watson’s Personality Insights API, Influential helped Kia select and activate the most relevant social media influencers for the #AddPizzazz campaign. In the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, nearly 100 of these influencers received a pair of the colorful Stance socks featured in “Walken Closet” and were encouraged to share how they “add pizzazz” to their lives on their social media channels. The content was then pulled into Kia’s Tumblr page, allowing people to find, connect, create and share additional content. Jet Direction was commissioned as one of these influencers to help Kia Motors tell their #AddPizzazz campaign in our own fun and wacky style. The characters were handcrafted utilizing a pair of colorful Stance socks. The Dryer app was designed to match the look and feel of the real dating app Tinder. And, the set used fabric and found items for that homely feel. 3 million views later via Twitter and Vine it became a hit with the client and audience!

Stop-Motion Animation showcased through various                 Social Platforms including Twitter, Vine and Instagram

Selected Stills

Custom GIF created for Twitter Paid Advertising​​​​​​​

Dryer App Logo and UI

Production Shots​​​​​​​


Director // Jethro Ames
Animator // Ryan Ziegelbauer
Set & Prop Design // Ryan Ziegelbauer and Shane Fabila
Clientele // Niche for Kia Motors


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