Star Trac / Photography Campaign

Jethro Ames collaborated with photographer Dean Bradshaw to create an amazing photography campaign for Star Trac's global brand initiative. These 8 images of athletes captured in peak moments of action. Ranging from Golf, Hiking, Military Training, MMA, Roller Derby, Running, Soccer and Spinning. The hero imagery is to be utilized in many different aspects though out the brand’s campaign. Ames art directed the initial concept, creating a vision of how each image will be stylized. Bradshaw photographed the settings and models in many different environments within an aggressive schedule. Later in which, with his continued collaboration with Ames, used his Photoshop skills to put everything together. The campaign was a success, as the imagery gained recognition within the company to be utilized within the brand, as well as the gym that carry their products. The imagery was also well received, as press showcased the work though several respected photography websites.

Production Stills & Tradeshow Booth Usage

Behind The Scenes Documentary

Agency // ParkerWhite Brand Interactive
Client // Star Trac
Photographer // Dean Bradshaw
Art Director // Jethro Ames


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